He reminds me of

What it feels like to be loved

Again and again


Earliest Memories

My eyes opened. I was completely and totally shrouded in darkness. Fear struck my heart as I reached out, searching for something, anything, to hold on to. In my mind, the monsters began to form. They growled from beneath my “big girl” bed and snarled from inside my closet. My heart was racing and my palms began to sweat. I could feel the railing that surrounded my bed, protecting me from their reach, but my fear grew stronger and stronger. I felt the sobs rising up through my throat until I released them with a vicious scream! My wailing continued until the light flicked on and the soothing voice I had come to know so well enveloped me in warmth and love.

one nation under god brought on by

This is a poem I wrote in an attempt to mimic the style of e. e. Cummings’ poem “next to of course god america i”. If you have not read this poem, I highly encourage that you do because it is truly an eye opener. I love trying to mimic other poets to see if I can really understand and grasp their style. However, my poem takes a bit of a different approach on the subject brought in Cummings’ poem. Enjoy!

one nation under god brought on by

By Lindsey Plemmons

 one nation under god brought on by

our founding fathers god bless america

land of the free from religious persecution freedom

of speech the right to assemble peaceably

yet hush little baby don’t say anything that

might offend someone don’t speak of this so

called god that our country was founded on

but i love you oh lord god maker of my

existence in god we trust hush don’t say

his name people are listening to what

you say watching what you do so

easily offended at things that were once so

important remain in your politically correct bliss

while people are looking for answers a place to

find peace and hope and love and acceptance

but no don’t tell them of the love of christ instead

let them run blindly through the night

they are running fast through the darkness only

furthering themselves from the light and what is true

shall we remain quiet while the lost are

wandering aimlessly through the streets with

no answers no knowledge of the fate that is to

become of them?

She spoke. And paced desperately across the floor.