Today Should Not Be Forgotten

Today is not an extraordinary day. Nothing spectacular has happened in order to make it memorable. However, today is a day that I do not want to forget. Why should I forget any day when life is so short? Every moment of life should be cherished, admired, and never forgotten. For example, look over there at the ant that’s crawling up a single blade of grass, searching for something to bring back to his ant hill. And look up! See those clouds? So fluffy, so soft! Imagine how it would feel to soar through them! Look at the ivy that creeps and crawls it’s way up that tree over there, so green, so leafy. And how could you forget the bird that sits atop the steeple of the chapel, singing it’s song for everyone to hear. These are life’s glorious little wonders. These are the moments we live for. Today may be no different from any other day. Today may be super ordinary, in fact, somewhat boring! However, today is the last day that you are promised on this earth. Today is filled with life! Just look all around you! Do not let this day fall into your list of forgotten moments lost in a never ending cycle of “ordinary” days. Today is special, today is new, and today may be your last. But most important of all, today should not be forgotten. 


one nation under god brought on by

This is a poem I wrote in an attempt to mimic the style of e. e. Cummings’ poem “next to of course god america i”. If you have not read this poem, I highly encourage that you do because it is truly an eye opener. I love trying to mimic other poets to see if I can really understand and grasp their style. However, my poem takes a bit of a different approach on the subject brought in Cummings’ poem. Enjoy!

one nation under god brought on by

By Lindsey Plemmons

 one nation under god brought on by

our founding fathers god bless america

land of the free from religious persecution freedom

of speech the right to assemble peaceably

yet hush little baby don’t say anything that

might offend someone don’t speak of this so

called god that our country was founded on

but i love you oh lord god maker of my

existence in god we trust hush don’t say

his name people are listening to what

you say watching what you do so

easily offended at things that were once so

important remain in your politically correct bliss

while people are looking for answers a place to

find peace and hope and love and acceptance

but no don’t tell them of the love of christ instead

let them run blindly through the night

they are running fast through the darkness only

furthering themselves from the light and what is true

shall we remain quiet while the lost are

wandering aimlessly through the streets with

no answers no knowledge of the fate that is to

become of them?

She spoke. And paced desperately across the floor.

The Struggle of Being a Self-Conscious Writer

As an English major, one would think that I would be more confident in my own writing. However, quite the opposite is true. In fact, I have been, and probably always will be, somewhat self-conscious of my own writing. It is safe to say that I am most likely my harshest critic. That being said, I feel as though it is important for me to find a way to get around these feelings of mine. As a future journalist, I need to be able to have enough confidence in my own writing to have it published. Otherwise, I will never be able to accomplish all that I want to accomplish.

So the question I must propose is this: how can one ever truly get over their own self-consciousness? This question has plagued my mind for as long as I can possibly remember. When I read famous works from authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and Ernest Hemingway, my mind immediately begins to wonder how on earth my writing could ever even come close to theirs. My vocabulary is nowhere near as extensive and my writing style is not nearly as eloquent. However, the more I think about it, the more I begin to realize something. Although my writing may not be the same as Hemingway’s or Poe’s, my writing can still be just as meaningful. Now don’t get me wrong. I am in no way comparing myself to great authors such as these two. However, the point I am trying to make is quite simple. My writing in uniquely mine. While Hemingway and Poe both have their own ways of writing, I have mine. I may not be a world-famous writer who has been read by millions, but I am still a writer, and through my writing, I am able to express a piece of myself that I am not able to express verbally. Writing is an art form. Not everyone is always going to see a certain piece of art in the same way. Not everyone is always going to like it. However, it is still an expression. It’s a way of viewing the world and letting others know about it. My style of writing is unique simply because it shows others how I view the world. It invites people to see inside my thoughts, even if for only a brief moment. This is what makes writing so wonderful. No two writers are the same, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. No two people ever think exactly alike and writing is an outlet for me, as well as many others, to finally be heard.

With all of that being said, I think the main point is simple. I am not Ernest Hemingway, but you know what? That’s okay. I am Lindsey Plemmons and I will always write in a way that is unique to me. As a writer and a future journalist, I encourage everyone to take on this mentality. Writing is a picture that is delicately painted with words. So my hope for everyone who is reading this is that you will go out and paint your own picture. Stop always comparing yourself to others and instead realize that you are wonderfully and uniquely made. Never be afraid to just be yourself.  Now go out and write in the way that is all your own!