New and Improved

As much as I love to write, I tend to have a problem with writer’s block. That’s why I tend to only post blogs every so often, or  whenever I have an idea or something that I need to get off my chest. However, that is officially about to change. In order to really jumpstart my writing career, I have to learn to work past writer’s block and figure out things to write about anyways. Starting today, I will be posting AT LEAST one post a day, and hopefully more than that.  I recently purchased a book with plenty of topics to write about, so if writer’s block threatens to discourage me from writing, I will pull out the book! Thank you to all of you who actually read my blog, and I promise to give you interesting and exciting posts that relate to your life (and maybe an occasional random story that relates to absolutely nothing). Thank you for reading, and I’ll have another post for you either later tonight or tomorrow! 

Happy Reading!


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