Today Should Not Be Forgotten

Today is not an extraordinary day. Nothing spectacular has happened in order to make it memorable. However, today is a day that I do not want to forget. Why should I forget any day when life is so short? Every moment of life should be cherished, admired, and never forgotten. For example, look over there at the ant that’s crawling up a single blade of grass, searching for something to bring back to his ant hill. And look up! See those clouds? So fluffy, so soft! Imagine how it would feel to soar through them! Look at the ivy that creeps and crawls it’s way up that tree over there, so green, so leafy. And how could you forget the bird that sits atop the steeple of the chapel, singing it’s song for everyone to hear. These are life’s glorious little wonders. These are the moments we live for. Today may be no different from any other day. Today may be super ordinary, in fact, somewhat boring! However, today is the last day that you are promised on this earth. Today is filled with life! Just look all around you! Do not let this day fall into your list of forgotten moments lost in a never ending cycle of “ordinary” days. Today is special, today is new, and today may be your last. But most important of all, today should not be forgotten. 


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